Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I'm blessed with alot of friends...not just acquaintances, but real people who mean alot to me. The problem is we're all so spread out across the world it isn't funny.
I always quote Mystery Alaska about my weight, "Everytime I meet a new friend, my heart grows - its gotten so big from having so many friends, which is why I'm this heavy."
Well, doctors could probably argue that, but is a lovely shot of my going away celebration at Mangia Qui in Harrisburg.

Another friend is in the studio right now, here is an awesome preview:

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Alex Shapiro said...

You have many good friends because you ARE a good friend to many, John! Congrats on the move. You were very much missed at NPAC-- it was just your kind of scene, with tons of inspired arts-types to talk [and drink!!] with. Put 2012 on your calendar!