Friday, February 15, 2008

Of Valentines...

I had a lovely Thursday...finishing up the Roses campaign at work, talking with friends on my way to NYC, hearing Trio Solisti (pictured right), eating at Ollie's and seeing my dear friend Satomi.
Other friends spent Valentine's Day in other ways: quoting Berg; quoting more Berg/opera; and I got an email from one friend who's computer hi-jinx resulted in blasting him with Elgar. Yikes!
This weekend I'm in Las Vegas to hear a harp recital by Kirsten Agresta and see friends.

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amy said...

Hi John....Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget to keep me posted about news in Buffalo. We've been playing a work by Jennifer Higdon "Machine" at our Youth concerts this season. I've probably played it 20 times so far, with more to come. Our conductor always makes a comment about NOT playing a piece by a "dead white guy".
Amy G