Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Seems like I've been much more reactionary than proactive in my blogging lately - I'll work on that!
In the meantime, here I am on Claremont avenue in NYC before interviewing Sebastian Currier(you might remember me interviewing the Claremont Trio, who take their name from this street!)
Then, some shots from the WITF/Reif Snyder Piano event:
(read about the sale at Dr. Dick's blog here)
In fact, here's Dr. Dick and Angela Grab in the atrium.
Photo from "the violinist's view" complete with my microphone, Friday night at the Allen Theater and MJs Coffeehouse:
That kicked off a whole weekend of music and playing, the next night was Cornerstone Coffeehouse (see the righthand side for more concerts/gigs) and then ArtsFest Sunday afternoon.
And finally, pictures from tonight in Baltimore, with the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra, violinist David Perry, and Pleyel. (Yeah, it went on a little long with the bad actor, Tim Marrone!)

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