Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bound to happen

Many of my friends will be disappointed to read this:

Welsh star CHARLOTTE CHURCH will ditch her television career in favour of a return to classical music. The former child soprano turned her back on classical music to make a pop album, and now presents her own TV chat show - but is keen to go back to her roots. The 20-year-old says, "I often think 'Oh my God, I was so good at opera, why did I leave it behind? "Now that I am older I have a much better classical voice, so you could definitely see me going back to that."

In some ways I wasn't shocked to find her on this list, although 2nd was suprising:
Fox's Biscuits asked 1,000 people to rate the most naturally attractive women in the world.

TOP 10
1 Kate Middleton
2 Charlotte Church
3 Claudia Schiffer
4 Kate Moss
5 Catherine Zeta Jones
6 Keira Knightley
7 Gwyneth Paltrow
8 Scarlett Johansson
9 Beyonce
10 Victoria Beckham

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