Thursday, October 19, 2006


So after I moved in the end of August, I ordered a DVR from comcast. It's easy to use and I soon set up 'series' recordings for Gilmore Girls and Law & Order Criminal Intent. Now I can have the shows saved and easily breeze through the commercials.
In fact, in that first month, I was amused to be able to set up series recordings and laugh at Match Game, and soon got bored, changing now to Sabrina reruns with the ever so charming Melissa Joan Hart.
The other show I adore and watch live is 30 minute meals with Rachael Ray. It's a nice way to spend an hour. This morning though, while catching up reading, I saw in the New Yorker that Nigella Lawson has a new Food Network show - yeay! I've missed the first episode, and will be in Philadelphia this weekend, but with the convenience of the DVR, I'll now not miss another!
So you can now see Nigella again on Food Network, Sundays at 1pm (eastern) on her new show, Nigella Feasts!

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