Thursday, December 29, 2005

Saying Goodbye 2005

Here is, sadly, a list of composers who passed away this year.

Clinton Carpenter, 84, American composer (finished Mahler's 10th Symphony)
Donald Martino, 74, American composer.
Soong Fu-Yuan, Chinese-American composer
Gardner Read, 92, American classical composer.
Stephen L. Mosko, 58, American composer.
Ann Wyeth McCoy, 90, American painter and composer.
Rick Rhodes, 54, American film composer and music supervisor, winner of six Emmy Awards.
Georges Arvanitas, 74, French-born Greek jazz pianist and composer.
Alfred Reed, 84, prominent American composer of concert band music.
Jeronimas Kacinskas, 98, Lithuanian-born classical composer and conductor.
Luc Ferrari, 76, French musique concrète composer.
Arnold Cooke, 98, British composer.
Al Carmines, 69, reverend, composer, singer and actor.
Noel Nicola, 58, Cuban composer, co-founder modern Trova music.
Lyle Murphy, 96, Hollywood composer (Three Stooges Show).
Nick Perito, 81, composer and arranger.
Joe Harnell, 80, Grammy-winning jazz composer.
David Diamond, 89, American composer.
George Rochberg, 86, American composer.
Richard Lewine, 94, Broadway composer and TV producer.
Michalis Genitsaris, 86, Greek rebetiko singer and composer.
Robert Farnon, 87, Grammy Award winning arranger, composer.
Alexander Brott, 90, Canadian composer, conductor and violinist.
Tony Croatto, 65, Italian-Puerto Rican composer-singer.
Grant Johannesen, 83, American classical pianist and composer.
Rigo Tovar, 58, popular Mexican singer and composer.
Norberto "Pappo" Napolitano, 54, Argentine blues and rock n' roll guitarist and composer.
Helmut Eder, 88, Austrian composer.
David Hönigsberg, 45, composer and conductor.
Franco Mannino, 80, prolific Italian film and classical composer.
Dick Gallagher, 49, Off-Broadway composer.
Alfred Hause, 84, German composer and conductor.
Miriam Hyde, 91, Australian composer.

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rgable said...

Thanks for the list. I had forgotten David Diamond had died.

Robert Gable