Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Out and about

I just got a photo back from friends at the opening of Ra Sushi @ the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas, NV.

We went there after the fundraiser for the Nevada School of the Arts annual “feast” (one of the best meals, I enjoy it completely – and they have great entertainment to boot!) all on Saturday October 23rd. I also ended up winning a silent auction item, a basket with all sorts of great Chinese picnic items – very fun (and hopefully useful in the future!) One of the odd events that evening was a mysterious flu at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, where the event always takes place.
I enjoyed a La Gloria Cubana Cuban cigar out on the patio of Ra Sushi and talked with several young ladies in the “smoking” section before we started dancing. Then their boyfriends came over. They asked if I wanted to come with them to the Venetian for more drinking but as it was the day after our pledge drive, I passed (plus, hey they had boyfriends! Sheesh!)
No lines today voting at my precinct. I thanked the volunteers – just like the radio station, it’s always a good thing to tell people that you appreciate them – that just doesn’t happen often enough! It was a pretty day, I ended up walking the four blocks to the school from the station (just around the corner) and had lunch with a friend at “Triple Play” – one of the cheapest, grooviest sports bars that I know.

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